Payment is “fee for service” and due in full at the time of service. Cash and checks are accepted in person at the time of service.


At Crystal Clear Nutrition, PLLC, we understand that protected health information about you and your health is personal. We are committed to protecting health information about you. Our session topics will be held in strict confidence. You will be asked to complete a release form that will be used to speak with your Primary Care Physician and other members of your healthcare team as needed.



Crystal Hein, RD, CDN accepts some insurance at this time. As the patient, you are responsible for determining your coverage eligibility. A Medical Doctor’s Referral and Prior Authorization may be necessary in order for coverage. You should contact your insurance company before the appointment. You may also want to check to see if your specific condition/ diagnosis will also be reimbursed. You will be required to pay for services if your claim gets denied. There will be no refunds for services not covered by your insurance company.



A 24-hour’s notice is required for all cancellations or you will be charged a $30 cancellation fee. Please contact Crystal Hein to cancel your session and reschedule for a later date. An unpaid cancellation fee will be sent to a collection agency.